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Waste Storage

Animal waste is something that every farm has to deal with. How that waste is stored is where we come in. We build waste storage facilities of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a round, straight, or sloped wall design, we visit with each and every client to find what will best serve their storage needs.

Round Tanks

Round tanks are our specialty! Our round tanks feature a curved ramp design. This allows equipment access into the tank but does not affect the superior agitation that round structures are known for. These tanks are very versatile. With the option of being placed anywhere from completely out-of-ground to completely in-ground, they can go places that other structures can’t! Not to mention, our round tanks have virtually unlimited storage capacity and are NRCS pre-approved in 48 states, they are a great option for your waste storage needs!

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Straight Wall Tanks

Sometimes space or location is the determining factor on what style of waste storage structure you are going to build. Straight wall tanks can fit in-between barns or in tight areas that other tanks can’t. Whether its square, rectangle, or anything in-between, we can custom build it to fit your farm!

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Sloped Wall Lagoons

Sloped wall lagoons are a common storage style. However, not all lagoons are created equally! We have the experience, custom tools, and manpower to build sloped wall lagoons the RIGHT WAY! We truly believe that we build the best-sloped wall tanks period.

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If you have a waste storage need or question, we can help! Contact us and let us serve you!

See The Pipping Difference

PIPPING Concrete 2 : 1 Design STEEL Slurry Tank
Superior Agitation
NRCS Pre-Approved
Ramp Accessible
Unlimited Sotrage Capacity
No Maintenance
10" - 15" Wall Thickness
Can Be Placed In Or Out Of Ground

“Pipping Concrete Inc. designed and built our round concrete manure tank from start to finish. We were very pleased with the professional workmanship and the quality of their crew. They were fast and met our timeline for completion. I would highly recommend them!”

Gregg A. Sauder
River Valley Dairy – Tremont, Illinois