About Us

From the Ground Up

From a small humble beginning in 1985, owner Dennis Pipping purchased a farm equipment business and slowly transitioned it into an agricultural concrete company. Using hard work, good decisions, and ethical business practices, he established a name that resonates quality. Fast forward a few years and the same is still true today.

Product Development

From day one, Pipping Concrete has always looked for a better way to do things. From the tools we use every day, to the projects we build for our many clients – Pipping Concrete has worked to improve on a daily basis. We work with our team members to develop tools and systems that make us more efficient, and we work with our clients to make our concrete products better every day. As a result, our products have become known as the strongest, most practical, and quite simply the best on the market!

The Most Experienced

If you’re looking for an experienced contractor, you’ve came to the right place! With hundreds of waste storage facilities built, equaling over 500 million gallons of storage, tens of thousands of feet of bunker walls built, 26 anaerobic digesters built and hundreds of thousands of yards of concrete poured, we are confident in our claim to being the most experienced agricultural concrete contractor. With projects from New York to Florida, to Washington and California we are one of the most mobile contractors as well.

Our Reputation

As any growing business does, we have always tried to make advertising a priority. However, we are very proud to say that we still receive most of our new clients through word of mouth. The farming community is a very close knit family and having a good reputation is worth its weight in gold. It has taken years of hard work and lots of happy clients to get to where we are today, but we wouldn’t be here without the good words from our great clients and their families! We greatly appreciate and thank all of you for that!


If you are in the need for waste storage, feed storage, or are interested in anaerobic digesters, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Whether you have questions on pricing, want to know why our products are the best available, or need to know what steps to take in getting a project started, call us first! We know the process and can help get you started. The sooner in the process you call us, the better the probability is that we can save you lots of time, money and headaches! Use our experience, knowledge, and connections in the industry to your advantage! We would love to talk with you!